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Is your PC infected by Spyware & Adware?
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Your PC is likely to be infected with malicious spyware and adware if it has ever experienced any of these problems:

Your computer has a mind of its own
PC runs slower than expected
Mail bounces back or mail sent without your permission
CD Drives / Programs opening by themselves
Annoying advertisement popups on your screen
PC requires frequent rebooting

Without any formal regulations and anonymity of the internet, it is becoming easier to fall prey to scammers and fraudsters. Despite many websites claiming to give you spyware removal software downloads, we discovered that some spyware removal programs actually contain spyware themselves! If you see that your computer is not running as well as it did when you first bought it, it is very likely that your PC is infected. Over 98% of PCs today are infected by spyware and adware.

We want to help you make the right choice, thus we have downloaded and tested all the spyware cleaning programs on the Internet. To help you save time, we then ranked all the programs based on 5 major criterias. They are the features set, ease of installation, ease of use, safety features and online help & support of the programs. The best 5 spyware cleaning software which have the highest scores are listed below. You can visit their sites below and see what you think. I strongly advise that you do not pay for any other Spyware Software other than the ones listed below! Whatever happens, I wish you a healthy and prosperous year.

Make the wise, informed choice today.

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Donald Chambers, Spyware Software Reviewer

Comparison of The 5 Top Rated Spyware Adware Removal Software

No Adware

Adware Alert

Spyware Remover

Spyware Nuker

Ranking: 4th 5th
Score: 99% 92% 85% 79% 73%
Provides Free Scan:
Features Set
Ease Of Installation
Ease of Use
Effectiveness of Results
Online Help & Support
Ease of Use/Installation
Novice User Suitable
Advanced User Suitable
Automatic Repair
Manual Repair
Scan Progress
Error Definitions
Problems Fixed :
Trojan Viruses
Computer Worms
Web Browser Protection
Application Paths
Shared Program Paths
Active X Controls
Feature Set:
Popup Blocker
Spyware Remover
Adware / Malware Remover
Live On Guard Protection
Deep Scan
Scan Log
Backup / Restore Function
Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows VISTA


No Adware Review

No Adware Software



(More Information)

Features Set
Ease Of Installation
Ease of Use
Effectiveness of Results
Online Help & Support


No Adware
was clearly the best spyware adware removal software that we found on the internet. It has come out on top when compared to all the other tools using the criteria set that we listed above. All the threats and popups that we previously had on our PCs were removed very quickly and easily, and we were very glad that our computers were back to their optimal performance levels after the scan and repair.

No Adware is constantly updated to detect and remove the latest threats and viruses, and we wouldn't leave our PCs connected to the internet without switching on No Adware. The customer service that they provide is also wonderful, typically responding to our queries within a few hours. No Adware is easily the best spyware tool on the web right now.

Summary: No Adware is very popular amongst internet users today, and it was the best overall Spyware tool we reviewed. Our system ran significantly faster, and the annoying popups that were appearing before are now gone. No Adware also has a very helpful support team. If you want to give your PC a spyware scan, this is the best software you can download!

Download No Adware Here!
Clean your PC of Spyware and Viruses In Just 5 Minutes!


Adware Alert Review

Adware Alert Software


(More Information)

Features Set
Ease Of Installation
Ease of Use
Effectiveness of Results
Online Help & Support


Adware Alert is another very good spyware detection tool, and has a great ability to find all the parasites on a PC. It was very effective and efficient during the scan and fix process, and is definitely one of the better spyware tools today.

However, we did feel that the interface was not as easy to use as that of No Adware's, and their customer support could have responded more quickly in our opinion. Nevertheless, the software was very efficient and able to find all the spyware, adware and other parasites on our PC.

Summary: With the exception of a very easy-to-use interface, Adware Alert is a great Spyware removal tool, and we would highly recommend it too!

Download Adware Alert Here!


Spyware Remover Review

Spyware Remover


(More Information)

Features Set
Ease Of Installation
Ease of Use
Effectiveness of Results
Online Help & Support

Spyware Remover is another good spyware software, and offers a wide range of protection in many areas on your PC. It is very easy to use, and has many features included in it that not many other software can match.

We did encounter some minor problems during the setup process, but it shouldn't be a big issue. It ran very well after installation, and was also able to find all the harmful files we had on our PC.

Summary: Spyware Remover's Internet Security Suite is the next best spyware software on the internet, and it provides good all-around protection for its users.

Download Spyware Remover Here!

Why Should You Download a Spyware Software?

Many people are still unconscious of the dangers of spyware and adware, and the dangers are just getting worse everyday. We are all keeping store of our most sensitive information on our PCs, including our usernames and passwords, bank account and credit card information etc. Reports have shown that spyware programs are now invading our PCs more frequently than viruses, and without spyware detection and removal software, all your personal information are at risk of being stolen.

You need to do a scan of your PC regularly for spyware today in order to ensure that your privacy is safe. Specific software like spyware cleaners are needed for this purpose because spyware and adware are specially programmed to escape the detection of antivirus and firewalls.

The top 5 spyware cleaners above all have the ability to remove malicious spyware and other invasive files on your computer.

Our Recommendation

If you want to protect your computer from dangerous spyware, No Adware is the best Spyware Detection tool that we have found on the internet, and we guarantee that this is the best software to clean up your PC.

Download No Adware Here!
Clean your PC of Spyware and Viruses In Just 5 Minutes!


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