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Which Registry Cleaner Eliminated PC Errors And

Improved PC Performance The Best?


Getting Computer Errors?
You Need A Top Rated Windows Registry Cleaner...

Your PC is likely infected with Windows registry errors if it has ever experienced any of the problems:

PC runs much slower than when you first bought it
PC keeps crashing at critical times
PC doesn't startup correctly
Unable to delete software using Add/Remove dialog
PC doesn't shutdown correctly
PC requires frequent rebooting
Getting the "Blue Screen of Death"

Without any formal regulations and anonymity of the internet, it is becoming easier to fall prey to scammers and fraudsters. We want to help you make the right choice, thus we have downloaded and tested all the registry cleaners on the Internet. To help you save time, we then ranked all the registry cleaners based on 5 major criterias. They are the ease of use, ease of installation, safety features, features set and online help and support of the registry cleaners. The 5 registry cleaners which have the highest scores are listed below.

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Comparison of The 5 Top Rated Registry Cleaners

Registry Easy

Registry Fix



Error Killer
Ranking: 4th 5th
Score: 97% 83% 80% 74% 71%
Provides Free Scan:
Ease Of Use
Ease Of Installation
Features Set
Online Help & Support
Ease of Use/Installation
Novice User Suitable
Advanced User Suitable
Automatic Repair
Manual Repair
Scan Progress
Error Definitions
Backup Registry
Undo Repair
Built-In Scheduler
Features Set :
Uninstall Entries
Font Entries
COM/Active X Entries
Shared DLLs
Windows Startup Items
File Path References
Application Paths
Program Shortcuts
Empty Registry Keys
Help Files Information
File Associations
Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows VISTA


Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy Cleaner



(More Information)

Free Scan: YES
Ease Of Use/Installation:
Feature Set:
Online Support:


Registry Easy
successfully scanned and found problems in the following registry categories: COM/ActiveX Entries, Uninstall Entries, Font Entries, Shared DLLs, Application Paths, Help Files Information, Windows Startup Items, File/Path References, Program Shortcuts, Empty Registry Keys and File Associations.

Removal of detected items was simple, and there was an option to manually remove files and only checking those Registry items for removal that you wanted. Registry Easy also featured an Ignore List: After a scan you can add detected items to the Ignore list. In these instances, Registry Easy does not remove the item and it will be ignored for upcoming scans.

Registry Easy ran very fast on our test system, in under only 3 minutes! It quickly increased the speed and efficiency of our computer, the results were immediately noticeable, with at least 15% in speed!

Registry Easy also comes with a scheduling functionality so that your registry is scanned automatically on a regular basis. Once certain of your scan settings you can set up one or more schedules to automate the scanning and removal process. This feature is great as you no longer have to worry about cleaning your registry!

Registry Easy is also Vista Ready now!

Summary: Registry Easy was the best overall Registry cleaner out of all the cleaners reviewed. The improvement in our system was very impressive and immediate. Registry Easy's Online Support is also professional who responded quickly to our requests. Registry Easy is the best registry cleaner we've tested by a long shot, and if you need a registry cleaner, this is the best one you can get!


Read what a customer we recommended Registry Easy to 1 week ago said...


Thank you very much for your software! I was experiencing quite a few glitches and my system was freezing so I thought I should check to see if everything was working as it should. I purchased Registry Easy and ran it. It told me I that I had 212 entries and then it automatically removed them. Thanks to your software, I now have a perfectly running system! Thanks again!

Greg Crandall

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Registry Fix Review

RegistryFix Registry Cleaner


(More Information)

Free Scan: YES
Ease Of Use/Installation:
Feature Set:
Online Support:


Registry Fix is a very thorough registry scanner. There are standard, deep and custom scan options available. You can also ignore certain files with the ignore list. It also uncovered a large amount of registry problems, although it was not as much as what RegCure uncovered.

This program also features a number of helpful "Managers" to make securing and cleaning your system much easier: The Full Registry Backup Manager is a quick way to ensure that you always have a working version of the registry available. Another useful manager is the System Startup Manager, which allows to browse and remove programs that have been set to start up when Windows boots. The Add/Remove Programs Manager allows you to browse the programs installed on your system and to delete any entries or data that may have been left behind.

You can configure Registry Fix to run at every Windows Startup. However it cannot schedule scans, thus users will need to remember to do a regular registry scan. This is why Registry Fix was behind RegCure in terms of the features set.

Auto-updates are also not available, so future versions of Registry Fix must be downloaded manually.

Summary: With the exception of not being to schedule scans and make automatic updates, RegistryFix is still a great cleaner! Their customer support was good. They have a team of technical experts on live chat to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even holidays!

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Regcure Review

Regcure Registry Cleaner


(More Information)

Free Scan: YES
Ease Of Use/Installation:
Feature Set:
Online Support:

With Regcure, you can scan your registry for particular types of errors like invalid startup entries, missing fonts etc. Even though it found less errors than the first two registry cleaners, it managed to increase our system speed considerably after cleanup.

Regcure's automatic scan feature is very convenient, and is great for any non-technical users.

Before clean up of your registry is done, Regcure backs up your entire registry to ensure that you will have a restore point in case there are errors during cleanup.

After its scan, Regcure will allow you to fix selected invalid entries, or categorize them into various error types. This is a great feature for technical people who want to fully control their registry.

Regcure includes a scheduler that can scan your computer at every startup.

Summary: Regcure was a good all around registry cleaner.

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RegSweep Review

RegSweep Registry Cleaner


(More Information)

Free Scan: YES
Ease Of Use/Installation:
Feature Set:
Online Support:

is a registry cleaner program that easily scans your system registry and hard drive for invalid file and system references. These invalid references can often cause system instability, PC errors, constant crashes, and general system slowdowns. RegSweep located and cleaned errors on our test machine, just not as many as the higher rated programs.

RegSweep also comes with a Startup Program Manager: It allows us to have a Control over all of your start up options using this simple utility. You can view detailed descriptions of each software installed on our computer and also prevent those you do not want to run at start up.

It also found errors on our system related to: Missing file associations, Missing startup programs, Invalid device drivers, Invalid application paths and Missing DLL's.

It comes with an Add/Remove Program Manager, which is a useful function.

Summary: RegSweep works well and is effective in cleaning our machine registry. However we just felt that this program is not as easy to use, and any novice user who are not familiar with technical jargons would stick with RegCure.

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Error Killer Review

Error Killer Registry Cleaner


(More Information)

Free Scan: YES
Ease Of Use/Installation:
Feature Set:
Online Support:

Error Killer
is a good Windows Registry Cleaner, Kernel32 DLL Error Message Fix & Access Violation Repair Software. It will identify errors related to missing startup programs, missing system fonts, invalid shortcuts, missing dll files, invalid application paths, invalid device drivers, missing file associations and missing help files.

However, Error Killer found the least number of errors of all the registry cleaners tested, and it took the longest time to find the errors that it did locate. It did remove registry errors and faults, making our computer run smoother and just took longer to do it than the other programs, and wasn't as efficient. The user interface was also not as robust and feature rich as the other programs we reviewed.

Their customer service responded to our live chat inquiry immediately and efficiently.

Summary: Error Killer is a good registry cleaner, however it still has some way to go before it can become one of the best registry cleaners.
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Why Should You Use a Registry Cleaner?

Your computer contains a registry that becomes choked full of invalid entries and missing shortcuts if you have been on the Internet, download and received files from the Internet and your peers.

You will need to clean the registry of your system in order to make your system run more efficiently. A registry cleaner can repair and clean your registry on the computer. A free registry cleaner, such as the windows XP registry cleaner or the Eusing Registry cleaner can organize and streamline your computer registry by unclogging all the junk that has been downloaded onto the hard drives and are no longer of any use but are there and slowing down the system.

Cleaning your registry will prevent your system from crashing and save you a lot of cash. All registry cleaners should also have a backup feature that safeguard against accidents. The top 5 registry cleaners we present above all have this feature. In case you have any problems with the registry cleaner, we have also made sure the registry cleaners we present to you have great customer support.

Warning: You should never try to delete any registries manually from your computer, as this is very dangerous if you do not have the technical knowledge. Even if you recognize the entries in your registry, it is still not worth the risk to edit the registry yourself. Also, remember to set a system restore point before any changes are made to the registry.

Our Recommendation

If you are planning on cleaning out your registry, Registry Easy is the best registry cleaner on the Internet right now. With its strong safety features, convenient scheduling features and superb customer support, we guarantee this is the best software for your computer registry.

We would also like to thank RegEasy for their support and great software.

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